Freight Payment and Audit

Fastway Logistics freight bill audit service is a proactive approach to reducing overpayments.

Billing errors are more common than you may think:
$ 1 out of 4 freight bills contain an error
$ Manual audit and payment is time consuming
$ Fastway Logistics offers this service to it valued clients at no additional cost.

Prior to payment, each carrier invoice is systematically audited using an 8 point system to:

  • Check shipper information and verify the party responsible for freight charges
  • Identify duplicate invoices
  • Reconcile accessorial charges
  • Verify the shipment weight is accurate
  • Verify the correct freight class is utilized at the time of rating
  • Ensure the correct Bill of Lading and tracking numbers are referenced and match the shipment
  • Ensure the carrier applied the correct negotiated discount level for the lane shipped
  • Ensure the carrier utilized the correct tariff when rating the shipment

Immediate direct and indirect savings

As a shipper, you will see immediate direct and indirect savings by catching data errors that result in additional cost and eliminating unnecessary labor cost. Some of the indirect savings as in areas such as:

  • In and outbound mail handling
  • Invoice processing, sorting and handling
  • Audit research
  • Rate/Tariff files maintenance
  • Carrier file maintenance
  • Check processing and handling
  • Check and remittance stock
  • Postage and mail supplies
  • Phone, Fax and email carrier status inquiries
  • Hardware, software and labor

Auditing has an average recovery on errors of 6-8 %. For example, if you are sending 100 shipments per week, and eight of those shipments are performing a cash deficit error, an audit could drastically change your bottom line.