Over 30 years in the logistics industry

with a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team ready to serve your valuable customers.

Does “in transit” not provide enough of an update on your orders? Need better insight and detail? We agree!

Fastway provides updated shipping status on all orders-and in the event an exception arises, and they do, we have already started the process to provide accurate and current information, along with options available to best satisfy your valued client.

A true logistics partner, we learn about your business and develop a program that serves you and your valued clients.

Allow our industry professionals to quickly and efficiently develop a program that gets it done so you can put your time and energy on more productive tasks.

When you consider your options in choosing the appropriate carrier or 3PL, Fastway needs to evaluated for the following:

There is a difference, “Logistics Done Right”

We look forward to meeting you and your team and learning how we can have an immediate impact on your business.

Fastway-Logistics Done Right

“The Fastway team was quick to understand our needs and provide a solution that has proven to be very valuable in my operation. The information provided by their TMS portal is very accurate with updated information, real-time and helps me and my team with planning and communicating to our internal and external customers. The information is at our finger tips-no more calling, waiting or going to multiple carrier sites for an update.
Below is a quote from one of my key team members, Karen: “I want to thank you for everything and “job well done”.  Really like working with Scott….and on the portal!”

It’s clear that Fastway is working hard on our behalf and it’s good to have a partner supporting my team every day.”

- William J. Judge, VP Supply Chain & Inventory